Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kid's Bubblegum Bathroom


Before (the only picture I took before the destruction began) 
and After!

Our home has been waiting for this bathroom remodel since we moved into our home in 2004.  With the bathroom's 80's linoleum to the worn out ugly, ugly vanity...it was time to go!  After a couple of months, we finally managed to finish our kid's bathroom remodel and I couldn't be happier with the results.  Of course we haven't finished all the trim, need to paint one more coat of paint on the walls, and I would like to add a shelf over the toilet...in due time it will all get done.  Here are some pictures showing our remodel.  I have also included my bathroom print jpegs for you on the bottom of this post for you to print out for your own bathroom...enjoy!

This is a scary picture...Paige with a powertool!

The kid's went to town destroying the old linoleum floor.

 All finished!

My 3 bathroom prints I designed with vintage hooks I found at an antique shop hanging below.

My BATH sign I made from Hobby Lobby cardboard letters & metallic spray paint...
thank you Pinterest!

I found these 3 vintage bubble gum machines at a flea market and fell in LOVE with them...yes I know it is crazy I have candy gum balls in my kid's bathroom =).  I also found the old wire locker baskets filled with toilet paper at an antique shop.

Here are the 3 printables just for YOU!

Print 1 jpeg. For personal use only.
Print 2 jpeg. For personal use only.
Print 2 jpeg. For personal use only.


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