Wednesday, September 11, 2013

- The Fling Before the Ring -

This past spring my sister and I planned a bachelorette party for our little sister Kelsey.  The theme we decided on was a combination starting with a relaxing Mani/Pedi morning and then dinner and drinks in the evening to follow. In preparing for the party, I put together a little tutorial on glittering up some dollar store champagne glasses.    I wanted to serve Mimosas in the morning at the salon and what better than to drink Mimosas bright and early from sparkly glittered champagne glasses!

These are the supplies I gathered for this project... 3M spray adhesive from Michaels, champagne glasses purchased at the Dollar General, & silver and pink glitter from Walmart.  I also used a shoe box to catch all the extra glitter. 

First, the glasses came apart at the bottom.  I removed the bottom of the glass and sprayed adhesive on it over the box... although, I would recommend doing the adhesive spraying somewhere other than your kitchen table because it can leave a sticky residue on the table (I have been scrubbing this off my table for several months now =) ).   I then took the glitter and poured it over the adhesive. 

After I covered all the glass bottoms with glitter, I put them aside to dry over night.  I then put all the glasses back together the next morning.  They turned out super cute!

Here are some of the projects I put together for this party...

I found this silver marker at Hobby Lobby and had all the girls sign this wine bottle for my sister.

I got a little carried away with the glitter and decided to cover the dollar store handcuffs too!!

I found this bride to be sash at Michaels and added some lace to the top and bottom to jazz it up a bit.  I also found these silver glitter letters at Michaels and glued them on the back of this tulle veil.

What party is complete without YUMMY cupcakes!

It was a successful Bachelorette party and lots of fun was had by all!


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