Wednesday, June 19, 2013

- Vintage Bridal Shower -

For months I have been coming up with ideas for my sister's vintage themed bridal shower.  The shower came together perfectly this past March with the help of my sister and mom's help.  Thanks to much Pinterest inspiration, we came up with some vintage party decor.  A family friend also made a beautiful mint green cake for the occasion.  Not only was it fun setting up for the party, we had a great time that day with close family & friends.

A new look for those old paper wedding bells.

My mom made a pennant out of vintage floral handkerchiefs.

Flower seeds wrapped in paper doilies were our party favors.

Our vintage chic cake embellished with fondant flowers & a pennant I made myself.

Lots of appetizers & treats.

Water with a taste of cucumbers.

Myself & my sisters Kelsey, the bride, & Kacie, the soon-to-be mommy.

My mom ordered some vintage wedding bingo cards off Etsy & we used old buttons as markers.

My daughter Paige enjoying some blue punch out of our mason jar glasses.

                                                       - Karmen

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