Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Fabulous Time Was Had...Nellie's Barn Sale!

We had such a great sale last Friday & Saturday at Nellies Barn Sale!  We had all kinds of excited guests all lined up waiting to come in when we opened on Friday.  It was so exciting!  In spite of the sudden rain storm Saturday morning, we still had guests running from tent to tent in the pouring rain to find some unique vintage treasures.  I was super excited because I found a unique vintage mirror for my Lillyan Lou display!  Of course I came home with a few purchases by the end of the sale and my Mom ordered a fabulous Nautical Flag made by Kim at Serendipity Refined (there is a picture of the flag below).  In all, it was a great time as always and I look forward to our Fall sales at Nellies & the 2nd Vintage Market being held in Roscoe.

Treasures every which way!
Meet Doris, Ann's newest addition!

Lots of new accessories from my shop Lillyan Lou.

Lots of handmade decor from Serendipity Refined.

Lots of vintage chic finds from Counting Your Blessings.

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