Monday, December 10, 2012

Meet Jesse, our Elf on the Shelf

The Bryer Elf on the Shelf Jesse has returned from the North Pole promptly after the Thanksgiving holiday.  The kids were surprised by the package they received in the mail that was set next to our mailbox one afternoon.  The instant the kids looked outside and spotted the package, they both ran outside to grab it.  Paige and Hunter were ecstatic to open up the package...the minute Paige read "North Pole" on the package she knew she would find Jesse inside.  It brought a smile to my face watching my kids get so excited to continue this tradition again this year.  This year, thank you to Pinterest, our Elf Jesse has been quite the trouble maker in our home.  He has been up to many tricks in the past few weeks, he even took a trip to the ER to get stitches as my son Hunter had his first experience getting stitches this past week.  Here is what Jesse has been up to...

Jesse, our Elf on the Shelf , arrives from the North Pole via USPS.
Every elf has a sweet tooth.
It wouldn't be Christmas if the elves didn't get to ride Santa's reindeer!
Our elf soaking up some suds after a hard day watching my little ones.
Who can resist a jar full of crayons.
Those nerds make such a mess, why not bulldoze them into the garbage basket.
Uh oh, Jesse took a trip to the ER to get his forehead stitched up.
Bandaids make everyone feel better =)
Who doesn't love being surrounded by colorful gumballs !
Every elf has to have some puppy friends.
I hope you enjoy your elf as much as we love ours!